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Is this map not an accurate description of how we can connect this topic to a variety of social studies content. In looking at the map, we can discuss how the physical location of countries paired with their religious beliefs may stir conflict with neighboring countries (physical geography with sociology). In a historical sense, we can study why regions or countries have the certain beliefs that they do. For example why might the majority of South America be Roman Catholic, from there we can get into studying the Spanish Inquisition. In a sociological aspect we can study how cultures within counties that have multiple religious beliefs interact with another both peacefully or in conflict, as we have done throughout this blog. 

Just by looking at the religious maps of our world we can see why conflict or peace may have occurred or is currently occurring. We can dig deeper to investigate historical significance as to why such actions may be taking place, in doing so we can also consider how cultures interact both locally and globally because of their religious beliefs. 



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