In closing: Religion uniting and dividing

We can see that Religion commonly both unites and spurs conflicts among cultures and nations. But does it do both simultaneously? Aren’t people/groups attempting to unite but in return they are also putting in place divisors? We can see this in looking at our examples of Religion dividing peoples. In the case of South Sudan, individuals and institutions are attempting to unite in Christian ideals, but all they while they are isolating themselves from the North. In Syria, the various religious groups are holding tight to their ideals, while initiating conflict with one another. Are Buddhist in Myanmar attempting a stronger Buddhist nations, without the threat of Muslim ideals. In the examples of Religion as a uniter, groups maybe uniting however are they not also isolating themselves? In the case of Europe, pope, and christianity couldn’t these be seen as a way for Europe/christian ideals to isolate themselves from the rest of the world? Moreover, religion can be seen as both a divider and uniter. But can they be seen as both within the same example or case? Can you really unite with out first dividing or vice-versa? 

Religion continues to be one of our worlds strongest forces of human action and interaction, it can both separate and unite peoples and communities in our world. In fact it may do both within each case. 



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