North vs. South Sudan

The splitting of North and South Sudan is a prime example of a physical splitting of nations along religious lines.

In the North are a majority of Muslim populations; while in the South the masses are of Christian faith. Thus, America in the Middle East is not the only Christian vs. Muslim nation conflict. In the case of Sudan splitting, South Sudan has all the Natural resources therefore this will cause further conflict.

In this blog by John Bith Aliap, a fellow Sudanese Christian writes about his concern of Muslim interactions in the South. “In many cases around the world, Islamic religion can barely coexist with other religions as its foundation is based on the basis of falsity and extreme hatred of non-Muslims, and this has always resulted to religious rivalry in some other countries. There fear for the newly founded South Sudan republic, is that Muslims will start to migrate south and disrupt the new nation founded on Christian principles. So here we have examples of actually territories being drawn based on religion while also the fear of social conflict because of differences in faith systems.

Actually having been in the general central Africa region when this separation occurred on July 9th 2011, I can say that people cringed as the announcement took place as they almost expected conflict to follow suite. Today the two Sudan’s are conflict with one another. Although most of the conflict now addresses the resources of the South vs. the lack there of in the North, this separation is still rooted in the religious differences between the North and the South.

John Bith Aliap makes some pretty harsh statements towards Islamic people in his writings. He seems very concerned with the longevity and future of the new South nation because of the fear of Islam coming into the South. In looking at the history of Christian vs. Muslim interactions does he have a legitimate concern? With the Muslim populations growing throughout east and central Africa do other majority Christian nations start dividing themselves? Could Sudan possibly be the start of Christian and Islamic conflict transitioning from the Middle East into the continent of Africa? 



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