“Religious divides deepen in Syria”

Syria is a nation under extreme religious conflict and turmoil. As the civil war advances and the rebels seek to overthrow the in place organizations, the religious conflicts begin to boil to more extreme heights.

With in Syria are many different religious groups. Varying from Sunni and Shiite Muslims to Alawites, Christians, and Druze. With this wide array of religious groups within a country already under turmoil, it is no wonder tha religious wars are taking place. In this case Sunni’s are seeking to over through the in place government institutions while the majority of Christians are upholding the in place government. While some organized conflict/warfare is taking place within the country there is also more guerilla acts with random religious bombings. “The UN has counted more than ten bombings in the residential districts of certain minorities or near religious places. These bombs served no military purpose, but were merely meant to increase religious tensions. Meanwhile, many hospitals refuse to treat the sick and injured if they belong to the wrong religion, and the UN reports that many do not go to state hospitals for fear of arrest and torture because of their religion.” As rebel and in place institutions escalate conflict, we can also see the further separations of religious faiths during this process.

How might the many different faith practices in a country with conflict create more conflict, as in this example of Syria? Is this a never-ending process of religious conflict? What if rebels gain power, what kind of repression will happen to Christians and Alawites? Will completely separate nations rise up and govern themselves as the article foreshadows with the Druze people?


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