This video and article was reported in the Euronews website on march 22nd of this year (2013). Attached is the video and article along with it.

Although there are many cases of Religious conflict that are on a larger, more well-recognized global scale; I wanted to show a “smaller” scale example away from the typical Christian vs. Muslim Middle East disorder. This example is from the country of Myanmar, previously known as Burma.

In this example of conflict between Buddhist and Muslim’s in the nation of Myanmar/Burma, all stemmed from a altercation between a Buddhist couple and a gold shop owner. In this instance, tensions left twenty people died. Now over the course of a week, 40 people have died with around 12,000 being displaced. Muslims seem to be claiming Buddhist hostility action as a man in the video/article states: “When I jumped out of my car, a group of people started attacking me. They struck me with swords and knives,’ said a Muslim man.” Are these ideals left over from decades of a suppressing dictatorship? Myanmar is a nation comprised of 90% Buddhist with Muslims being the next big religious influence. Is this a threat to the future of a nation with the majority practicing Buddhism?